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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hi there! I draw because it's fun. I draw whatever comes to mind and share it, even if it comes out a bit strange. I love, love, love when people leave me constructive critisism and help me improve! Thanks for reading, and check out my gallery!

Oh, you can also find me on Tumblr, if you'd prefer:

Manga and Anime
Constructive critisism
Kind comments

Hot weather
People reading over my shoulder

Favorite manga: Black Butler, Fullmetal Alchemist, PokeSpe, others
Favourite genre of music: Basically anything
Favourite style of art: Manga and Anime
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Touch
Shell of choice: Conch? XD
Stolen off of Tumblr. 8D


    1: How long have you been a Homestuck?
Suprisingly, less than three months. :I It feels like so much longer.

    2: Your Patron Troll
Mr. Eridan Ampora. Couldn't be prouder! XD

    3: Which panel was the last one that Homestuck was updated to when you finished reading it for the first time?
It was right around where Calliope was introduced. Can't remember the exact page.

    4: Favorite Music Track
Hnng. I love them all. Iron Infidel, You Universe, dESPERADO ROCKET CHAIRS,, and iRRRRRRRRECONCILABLE are some of my faves. 8D

    5: Favorite Flash
[s] Jack: Ascend. It was my very first, because I started reading HS on an iPod.

    6: Favorite Kid (Beta & Alpha)

    7: Favorite Troll
Tavros Nitram. He is a babbu. <3 Although right now, I am having a fling with Kankri Vantas, the insufferable social justice blogger. XD

    8: Favorite Other Character (Doc Scratch, Spades Slick, The Dolorosa, Davesprite, etc.)
I hold a fondness for Auto Responder. XD

    9: What's your Fetch Modus?
The FANGIRL Modus: You must either die laughing or drown in tears at the item to retrieve it.

    10: Strife Specibus allocations?
TEXTBOOK kind, PEN kind.

    11: What's your Title (X of Y; example Heir of Breath)?
I am the Page of Form. 8D I get a speedo, awww yissss.

    12: Prospit or Derse?
Prospit. Man, do I want those jammies.

    13: Midnight Crew or Felt?
Overall, Midnight Crew. But if given the choice, I would pick Sn0wman over all of them. XD

    14: Which Land is you favorite (canon lands)?
Land of Wind and Shade. An oldie but a goodie.

    15: Bing Crosbytop or Bill Cosbytop?
Bill Cosbytop has a special place in my heart. XD

    16: What's your favorite part about SBURB? (The enemies, alchemization, the consorts, etc.)
Throwing bathtubs through walls. XD

    17: Got any Homestuck merchandise?

    18: Cosplays?
Erm, I bought blue pants. I need a black wig and the tee so I can be John for Halloween. XD

    19: Fancharacters?
No, none. I am not creative.

    20: Fanfiction?
None written down. But in my head, oh yes. XD

    21: Fanart?
*points at gallery shamelessly*

    22: Could you give Hussie directions to Olive Garden?
See below.

    23: No, but could you give Hussie directions to an actual Italian restaurant?
I'll just make it for him myself. XD

    24: Have a favorite AU?
I like 4chords. I also like Clover. 8D

    25: Have a favorite crossover?
No offense to anyone who writes or enjoys crossovers, but I don't like them most of the time.

    26: Least favorite thing about Homestuck (in general)
The bad side of the fandom, and all the flak the rest of the fandom receives for it.

    27: Most favorite thing about Homestuck (in general)
It really gets me thinking! Nothing like time shenanigans to get your brain working. But if I don't feel like thinking, I don't have to. XD

    28: Least favorite character?
VRISKA. I don't like her at all. I see her good side and her bad side, and I like neither of them.

    29: Favorite page?
DirkJake kiss scene. Because the page itself was funny, but the fanart is always so SAD. D8

    30: Favorite Homestuckism?
I warned you about stairs, bro. Even though its SBaHJ. I use it all the time. XD

    31: Sweet Bro, Hella Jeff, or Geromy?
Allow me to tell you a story. My new school is so gargantuan, my best friend and I named several stairwells so we could keep them straight. The one we use the most is Sweet Bro. The one we use to get to lunch is Hella Jeff. And the one we enter/exit from is Geromy. This doesn't answer the question, but I don't care! XD

    32: 8^y


So yeah and stuff!
  • Listening to: Love Me Dead- Ludo
  • Reading: Homestuck
  • Watching: derp
  • Playing: Pokemon White
  • Eating: Oreo donut
  • Drinking: Milk



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